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Whether it is for a birthday, anniversary, engagement, or any special occasion, G7 Florist will serve to meet your floral needs.


Our exceptional experience in design, large inventory of flowers, and attention to detail, will exceed expectations. From meaningful bouquets, to elegant arrangements, our designs will delight the one receiving and it will be memorable as a gift. G7 Florist is pleased to work with you to create the perfect design for your special occasion.


We provide delivery throughout the Greater Vancouver region, and offer same day delivery.

We understand that every wedding is unique. Our designs have contributed to making couples' wedding day more memorable. From the start, we will meet you for a free initial consultation to better understand your wedding vision.


Drawing on our wide experience with wedding flowers and arrangements, we can provide stunning, unique designs for all budgets.


Taking inspiration from the season, the bridal party, and the location, we will design floral decorations specifically to suit you, your vision, and your wedding.

Our clients include local and international corporate business headquarters, local business, hotels, government agencies, municipal offices, educational and financial institutions.


A gift of flowers can make a difference and an unforgettable experience to any individual. We work closely with your business to provide flowers for any occasion: keeping your workplace warm & lively, to making a unique difference in establishing your long term customer relationships.

You will be provided with the perfect selection of sympathy and funeral floral creations to express your heartfelt condolences.


Whether you require a resplendent display of flowers in the form of an elegant wreath, a standing spray, a basket of plants, or any other design, we will tailor an exquisite creation to express your sympathy.

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